Sunday, April 12, 2015

April 12, 2015


Wow! What a great General Conference! We are so blessed! I loved it so so so much from it. I can't wait to study and read the talks again and go through and highlight the things that prick at my heart and strive to work on those things! 

This week we were able to attend the Funeral Service of Brother Al Escobal. This man and his sweet family really touched my heart. Brother Al passed away this last week from cancer. He found out about this cancer about 2 months ago and it was already in stage 4. Me and Sister Mclean had the privilege of visiting with him a couple times in the last days of his life. I will never forget that sweet moments as we were able to read together form the book of Mormon, pray together and most of all the spirit that was there to give comfort. I will also never forget the moment when brother Al lifted up his week head and we looked each other in the eye and smiled. Those moments will always be in my heart, especially because I was able to share moments with him, while his son Elder Escobal who is serving in the Davao mission couldn't. When Elder Escobal left on his mission they had no idea that his dad had cancer. They informed him of his dads condition as soon as they found out and this last week when he passed away Elder Esobal was able to come home to attend his funeral service. I will never forget the opportunity that we had to sit with Elder Escobal and talk to him about his mission. He is so meek and so faithful, i look up to him so much. He will be returning to finish his mission tomorrow. I am so thankful for the spirit and for the power, strength, comfort and assurance that it brings. I am so thankful for faithful examples like Brother and Elder Escobal. I am even more thankful for my Savior Jesus Christ, because of his atoning sacrifice death has no sting! 

Okay one more touching story this week. There was one day this last week that was just hard for me, I felt as though I was just going through the motions and because of that it just wasn't the funnest and best day, until Heavenly Father placed the perfect little angel in the path of me and Sister Mclean, here name was Nanay Zoila!!! She is perfect!! She was just sitting on a little bench on the side of the road and when I saw her, my heart immediately smiled! I knew my day was better! We got to sit down and talk to her and laugh and hold each others hands! As we walked away I kept looking over my shoulder to make sure she was still there because I literally thought that she might have been a real angel hahaha! She was still there and my day was made, Heavenly Father knows us all so personally and individually and knows the exact people and things that will make us happy! 

I love being a missionary, I love this gospel. I love our prophet and leaders of this church. I love prophet Joseph Smith. I love the plan of God. I love my Savior Jesus Christ! 

Sister Dahl

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