Tuesday, July 7, 2015

July 5, 2015

Well today I am just so happy!! This week has been an exceptional week (hahaha I am not really sure what the word exceptional means, but I think it fits the description i am looking for) In preach my gospel it says that finding by the spirit is just as important as teaching by the spirit. That was testified to me throughout this week many times. This one particular day me and Sister Zaballero were planning on visiting this one less active sister in our branch. Some how the spirit guided us another way and we ended up at this house in the middle of nowhere. As we approached the house we saw a women washing her laundry. When we walked up to her she immediately jumped up and got two seats for us to sit down and share with her (that was really nice because usually it takes some talking and work in order for people to let us sit down and share). It turns out that her husband is a member. This women has had such a hard life and really needed someone to listen to her. As we listened to her and all of her problems and hardships, I couldn't help but think how loving our Heavenly Father is. He really loves this women so much and that is why he guided us to her to listen and lift her. But in return he blessed and showed us as missionaries how much he loves us. We had been having a hard couple of days finding and this women was an answer to our prayers!

A hymn stats, Who is on the lords side who? Wow! I definitely want to be on the Lords side! His side is the best! His side wins! His side has joy!
True joy and happiness feels so amazing!!!! How blessed are we? Isn't it so amazing how many gifts our Heavenly Father gives us! Of course the greatest blessing is the Atonement! I love the atonement! I love my Savior so much!  

This week I was reading through the last words of the President Boyd K Packer and L Tom Perry. My heart goes out to them and their life of service. What a great life they have lived. It is interesting to see that both of their talks are central to families and marriage! Go families!!! Love you family so much, you are amazing! 

Love you all

Sister Dahl

June 28, 2015

This week was a great week filled with many little trials! Yay, my favorite!!! I wont mention all of them except for the one were me and my beautiful companion decided to make a nice little happy one year anniversary lunch for me. The delicious Filipino recipe called for these little chili peppers, but we first needed to seed them. So of course the worlds most intelligent sister dahl become too impatient useing the knife and starts taking out the seeds with her beautiful healthy hands and fingers.......... within about 2 mins I started to feel some pain on my fingers and then within 5 mins I was running around the house because my hands were on fire! I have a new appreciation for my hands after that experience and a greater respect for those little red chili peppers!

Here is a cool little thing that I learned this week. Everyone go look up Adversity in index of the scriptures. Look at those words that describe Adversity...affliction; infirmity; opposition; patience; persecution; sorrow; suffering; tempt; trial; tribulation; wind. Now this is the interesting part, look up at the word above adversity. It is Adversary or in other words the devil. And now look at the word underneath adversary, Advocate or Jesus Christ. When we face Adversity in our lives, we have two choices 1) take advice form the adversary or 2) take advice from our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! Wow isn't that amazing?!?! 

Love you all so much and love my mission so much!! 

Sister Dahl

I don't know if all these children are crazy about me (especially the one in the middle wearing red) but I am sure crazy about them!!!

June 21, 2015

Sorry lots of pics this week! So lately here in the Philippines, it has been very very very rainy! yay I love the rain! Which means that it is planting time! I love watching the whole planting process! But you know what I love even more then then watching the rice fields go up, My dear sweet companion! Everyday this sweet sister amazes me! She has heart of gold! I am so lucky! Sorry this email is so short! Love you all and love the Lord! 

Sister Dahl

Oh and Happy Fathers day to all of you out there! Fathers are amazing! My father is amazing! He too is a man with a heart full of gold! 

Ruvic and with Brother and Sister Dait! They are amazing members here in Liozon. 

I just can't get enough of these carabow, I really love them!! 

don't tell sister dahle we are standing in stagnant water...she wouldn't be very happy...very very very dirty.

June 14, 2015

Hello my dearest family and friends! 

What a week and what a day! I woke up this morning to find out that my favorite shoes had been chewed up by a dog during that night. Grabi that was quite a challenging and humbling moment that brought me to my knees in prayer. Good thing that dog wasn't around when I found my shoe all over the porch. Anyways this week was crazy and great! The day always starts out extremely hott! We are usually always wet before we go out to work because of sweating and then after walking and working in the hott son for about 4 hours without fail rain clouds will make their way to us! Those rain clouds are blessings from Heaven until one of the lightnings strikes 30 feet away from us and then I start rethinking about how much of a blessing they really are... hahaha! By the end of the night we are usually going back into our house wet again from the rain! Its not always easy everyday to walk outside into the Philippines sun actually it is not easy at all, but something that i have learned is that the Lord loves his children so much! as we talk to people and spread his gospel (and drink lots and lots of water) we are always able to make it through the day! 

I thought that as I served a mission my testimony would get more complicated bigger but if anything it has gotten more and more simple. My testimony is so simple but it is so strong! I have learned to love simplicity! There is nothing more satisfying, reassuring and comforting to know, then that we have a loving heavenly father in heaven! WOW! Christ is our Savior and he lives! He lives! He lives! We have a prophet of God, directed by God on the earth today! We Have the scriptures, the Words of God from the beginning of the world. We have The Book of Mormon, I love that Book with all my heart! We have the house of God here on the earth, the temple! Oh how I miss the temple.And we can inherit all the Our Heavenly Father has if we will just listen to him and follow his commandment. How blessed are we?!?! 

I love each and everyone of you so much! I love my Heavenly Father and my Savior Jesus Christ so much!  and I love these people here in the Philippines so much! 

Sister Dahl

June 7, 2015

What a great week!! Another transfer and a new companion! Sister Zaballero from Cagayan De Oro is my new companion! She had had many trials in her life, that have shaped her into such an amazing person. I am constantly amazed by her strength kindness and testimony. I will learn so much from her and that makes me so excited!

Yesterday was such a great day for us, however it didn't start off that way. After church pretty much all of our appointments fell through so we were just walking around and trying to find people to teach. We ended up walking by a members house here in Liozon, Sister Rina. Sister Rina had just gotten back from dropping her husband off at the Manila airport. He will be working abroad for 4 years to support their family. We got to play with her kids and sit down and talk with her. The spirit was so strong as we visited for her. I was so strengthened by her faith and testimony as she bore her testimony to us. Heavenly Father had really guided us to her and the time that she had really needed it.

Then we went and visited Sister Jema. Sister Jema is an investigator. Yesterday was her first time going to church. And she loved it! It was fast and testimony meeting and even she being investigator really wanted to get up and bare her testimony. The Lord really blessed her because she had courage to go to church for the first time. 

As a missionary there is no greater joy then seeing the gospel bringing a light and joy into people lives. The Gospel of Jesus Christ really does change people!! I love missionary work! I know that that this work truly is the work of Christ and I know that he lives!! 

Love all you so much! 

Sister Dahl

This is a Carabao. It is so hard working obedient and humble. I want to be like a carabao. We see them everyday, they inspire me!!!

Nanay ping! she is 89 and so strong! she raised a family of 10 kids! she also inspires me, I want to be like nanay! 

June 1, 2015

Just pictures this week! I love all of you and am so thankful for all of your emails 

I love the Sunsets here and the beautiful clouds

The Geraga girls.