Tuesday, July 7, 2015

June 28, 2015

This week was a great week filled with many little trials! Yay, my favorite!!! I wont mention all of them except for the one were me and my beautiful companion decided to make a nice little happy one year anniversary lunch for me. The delicious Filipino recipe called for these little chili peppers, but we first needed to seed them. So of course the worlds most intelligent sister dahl become too impatient useing the knife and starts taking out the seeds with her beautiful healthy hands and fingers.......... within about 2 mins I started to feel some pain on my fingers and then within 5 mins I was running around the house because my hands were on fire! I have a new appreciation for my hands after that experience and a greater respect for those little red chili peppers!

Here is a cool little thing that I learned this week. Everyone go look up Adversity in index of the scriptures. Look at those words that describe Adversity...affliction; infirmity; opposition; patience; persecution; sorrow; suffering; tempt; trial; tribulation; wind. Now this is the interesting part, look up at the word above adversity. It is Adversary or in other words the devil. And now look at the word underneath adversary, Advocate or Jesus Christ. When we face Adversity in our lives, we have two choices 1) take advice form the adversary or 2) take advice from our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! Wow isn't that amazing?!?! 

Love you all so much and love my mission so much!! 

Sister Dahl

I don't know if all these children are crazy about me (especially the one in the middle wearing red) but I am sure crazy about them!!!

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