Tuesday, July 7, 2015

July 5, 2015

Well today I am just so happy!! This week has been an exceptional week (hahaha I am not really sure what the word exceptional means, but I think it fits the description i am looking for) In preach my gospel it says that finding by the spirit is just as important as teaching by the spirit. That was testified to me throughout this week many times. This one particular day me and Sister Zaballero were planning on visiting this one less active sister in our branch. Some how the spirit guided us another way and we ended up at this house in the middle of nowhere. As we approached the house we saw a women washing her laundry. When we walked up to her she immediately jumped up and got two seats for us to sit down and share with her (that was really nice because usually it takes some talking and work in order for people to let us sit down and share). It turns out that her husband is a member. This women has had such a hard life and really needed someone to listen to her. As we listened to her and all of her problems and hardships, I couldn't help but think how loving our Heavenly Father is. He really loves this women so much and that is why he guided us to her to listen and lift her. But in return he blessed and showed us as missionaries how much he loves us. We had been having a hard couple of days finding and this women was an answer to our prayers!

A hymn stats, Who is on the lords side who? Wow! I definitely want to be on the Lords side! His side is the best! His side wins! His side has joy!
True joy and happiness feels so amazing!!!! How blessed are we? Isn't it so amazing how many gifts our Heavenly Father gives us! Of course the greatest blessing is the Atonement! I love the atonement! I love my Savior so much!  

This week I was reading through the last words of the President Boyd K Packer and L Tom Perry. My heart goes out to them and their life of service. What a great life they have lived. It is interesting to see that both of their talks are central to families and marriage! Go families!!! Love you family so much, you are amazing! 

Love you all

Sister Dahl

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