Sunday, September 28, 2014

September 28, 2014

Wow another week and a new companion!!!! Sister Mencias!! I absolutely love Sister Mencias she is one of the sweetest people I have ever met! So usually training lasts for 12 weeks...well this last Tuesday we had transfers and they transferred my trainer and now I got Sister Mencias. Sister Mencias just finished her training and we were in the same zone before so we already knew each other. It was really funny because at the last zone conference I looked at her and thought to myself she is so beautiful and sweet, I hope that I get to be her companion sometime...well Heavenly Father is really listening! This last week has been very challenging because I have had to lead our area and I can hardly speak tagolog!! ahhhh I just continue to tell myself if the Lord trusts me and knows I can do it then I can do it! I know that Heavenly Father loves each and everyone of his children and each are special to him and that is all the knowledge that I really need. It is so amazing to see how much we grow when we are pushed and stretched! This work is definitely work! there is no other word for missionary work than work! I told myself that when I am sitting on my plane looking over the Philippines as I fly out I want to know that I did EVERTHING I could here for the Lord. And then go home and sleep for 2 days straight hahaha

Something that is so unique to the mission is Hellos and goodbyes or sa Tagalog kamusta and kita kitz! I have never realized how much I had goodbyes. But every time I say goodbye to my companions i can't help but think about our sweet Heavenly Father who was willing to say goodbye to each of his children for a time so we could have and opportunity to become like him. Ahh Im crying writing this. I want so badly to bring his children back to him. I love this gospel and I love these people and I love my Saviour Jesus Christ!  My testimony is so simple, but I know with all my heart and mind it is true! This Church is true and like Lehi say's "delicious" 

Mahahl kita

Sister Dahl

Sister Villevilles and I! I love this sweet sister 

My favorite flavor of ice cream these days, cheese and corn hahahaha weird I know but so masarap!!! 

Sister Mencias Yay I love her

I love these beautiful dark people! I feel so so so white all the time. Its so funny because in the stores in america we have all this tanning lotion and stuff and here they have all these products that claim to make you whiter haha. Sister Mencias says that she hates taking pictures with me because she looks so dark haha. I say I look so white haha so funny!

Sunday, September 21, 2014

September 21, 2014

kamusta lahat mga tao!!!!

I love this work! I love this gospel! I love the Book of Mormon! I love Christ! And i love food! haha as always! 

All right so this week has been a lot of ups and downs...we had an appointment with one of my favorite investigators(who i just know will be leader for the church here) so we had planned to talk to him about the Book of Mormon because he just hasn't been reading it...grrr. as always when we got to his house we start talking and went into the lesson with out praying first. That meeting was probably one of the worst lessons in history of missionaries hahaha my companion ran out of the house in tears and i had to go running out chancing after her. It was just bad. prayer is the only way to start a lesson. we learned that the hard way. I love prayer! everytime i feel discouraged or down or am frustrated i can pray to my heavenly father and feel the wait lifted off of me and can feel his peace! 2 nephi 32:8-9 PRAY! its so simple, but that is the thing that Satan doesn't want us to do because when we pray we are turning to GOD. Okay and so the lesson was horrible, but that's okay because we learned a valuable lesson! We returned the next day with a memeber present and had such an amazing lesson. MEMBERS ARE WERE ITS AT, they are so much help! He committed to reading a chapter a day!!!!!!!! I know he is going to fall in love with that book, because anyone who thoughfully and prayerfuly reads the Book of Mormon will! The Book of Mormon is TRUE and the tool to gather isreal! this week we had some other missionaries of another church knock on our door and we talked for them for a little bit. it really got me thinking about how important the Book of Mormon is in this missionary work. I could go on for days about how amazing Heavenly Father and Christ are and their plan for us. It is such a brilliant plan. 

mahal kita

Read the Book of Mormon you will fall in love with it. It is gold!

Sister Dahl

My friends at Alikabok

Sunday, September 14, 2014

September 14

Wow! I feel like I have to go a million miles and hour when I get on the computer! Yay for Leticia getting called to my same mission! What are the odds!I will pray for the chance to train you!!! :) My girl Hannah getting her mission call the philly! yay!! The Lord is truly hasting his work and gathering Israel! Everyday I think to myself, there is nothing else greater then a mission! I hope this is what heaven is like, except for minus all the sweating and mosquito bites and cow poop that I step in, and animals chasing me. haha jk but not jk. Everyone should serve a mission and PREPARE to serve a mission. The lord needs GREAT MISSIONARIES to prepare the way for the Savior to come again! yay I can't wait for that day! :) 

Okay so this week we had a zone conference that Elder and Sister Bowen spoke at (area presidency)! SO AMAZING!!! He talked about flees and how the only way they move is to jump and if you put them in a container they will jump out. If you put a lid over it they will jump just under the lid but they will keep jumping. Then when you take off the lid they wont jump out, they will keep jumping to were the lid used to be. He likend that to not setting imaginary limits for ourselves. THERE ARE NO LIMITS FOR WHAT WE CAN DO! We also talked about Roger Banaster, the man that broke the record for the mile. No one said he could do it, but he did and after he did, many followed!!! We can REALLY do whatever we set our mind heart and soul to. 

I love this work!!!!!! I love Christ and his Gospel! And I love this opportunity to be on earth to learn and grow and become like our Savior. The plan of God is Great!

mahal kita

Sister Dahl

Sister Pilkington (dad her dad served with you)
food food food yum yum yum 

Sunday, September 7, 2014

September 7, 2014

My heart is so full!!!!! I love this place!! I know the lord knows me perfectly because he sent me here!!! I never knew that I would be able to have this much joy and happiness! 
This week has been hard like always but so amazing! There are so many times when I mess up and think of myself, like "why do i have to learn a language it would be so much easier if I could have a easy conversation with people" I think about myself and I become so sad. Then I am reminded of whose name i am wearing and I am representing. Christ. He never thought about himself and what he was going throw. Of course we aren't perfect and we will think about ourselves at times. If there is one valuable lesson that I have learned this week it is turning ourselves out and thinking of others needs first we will always be happier. Contention is not of the spirit. And that includes contention within ourselves. So earlier this week we were getting a ride from someone and my companion was like ITL him. I was to busy thinking about myself and missed out on that opportunity and the rest of the day I lost the spirit. When we don't respond to the spirit we will lose it. 

Fasting is so powerful. Before the mission I hated fasting. But now I want to fast. There is so much power through fasting. The lord works through faith and fasting is faith. One of my favorite investigators Ronald Ducot. Wasn't at sacrament meeting on Sunday and I was so sad because I was specifically fasting for him, and while taking the sacrament I was praying so so so hard that he would show up, just as I lifted my head in walks Ronald with a white shirt and tie on!!!! :) :) :) I was so happy!!!!!!!!!!! I couldn't stop smiling for the rest of the day!!!!!!!!

The gospel of Jesus Christ is true I know it with all my heart! I love this work! 

mahal kita
Sister Dahl

Our little family at mt summit! 

We love eggs eggs eggs :)

baby baby baby kitten so cute ahhhh. dogs cats are everywhere here. Hate dogs