Sunday, September 14, 2014

September 14

Wow! I feel like I have to go a million miles and hour when I get on the computer! Yay for Leticia getting called to my same mission! What are the odds!I will pray for the chance to train you!!! :) My girl Hannah getting her mission call the philly! yay!! The Lord is truly hasting his work and gathering Israel! Everyday I think to myself, there is nothing else greater then a mission! I hope this is what heaven is like, except for minus all the sweating and mosquito bites and cow poop that I step in, and animals chasing me. haha jk but not jk. Everyone should serve a mission and PREPARE to serve a mission. The lord needs GREAT MISSIONARIES to prepare the way for the Savior to come again! yay I can't wait for that day! :) 

Okay so this week we had a zone conference that Elder and Sister Bowen spoke at (area presidency)! SO AMAZING!!! He talked about flees and how the only way they move is to jump and if you put them in a container they will jump out. If you put a lid over it they will jump just under the lid but they will keep jumping. Then when you take off the lid they wont jump out, they will keep jumping to were the lid used to be. He likend that to not setting imaginary limits for ourselves. THERE ARE NO LIMITS FOR WHAT WE CAN DO! We also talked about Roger Banaster, the man that broke the record for the mile. No one said he could do it, but he did and after he did, many followed!!! We can REALLY do whatever we set our mind heart and soul to. 

I love this work!!!!!! I love Christ and his Gospel! And I love this opportunity to be on earth to learn and grow and become like our Savior. The plan of God is Great!

mahal kita

Sister Dahl

Sister Pilkington (dad her dad served with you)
food food food yum yum yum 

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