Monday, August 24, 2015

August 23, 2015

Kamusta sa inyo lahat! 

First thing, prayers are answered!! One night me and my companion had gotten in from a long HOT day of work. We were so exhausted because of the heat. We prayed that night for a storm. The next morning a nice beautiful strong storm comes rolling in. It has been a whole week of heavy rains and thunders! 

Second thing, Brother Alex and his 2 kids are amazing!! There baptism will be in September! I love learning from investigators and watching their progression, it makes me so happy! 

Third thing, the wonderful Mart Mensales from Liozon Branch (my last area) received his mission call and will be serving in....SALT LAKE CITY!!!! Wow what an exciting time for the Liozon branch! I am so happy for him! 

Fourth thing, my companion is so funny. Opposites for sure in every way including height and color, but we sure make a great combination! In the Philippine culture is like "champorado and tuyo, the perfect combination"

Fith thing, I got to speak in sacrament meeting with the wonderful Sister Noble! Love her. Our talks were on missionary work. I had such great experience receiving revelation for this talk. I was reading about the great Nephi because that is were I am at in my personal study. I was pondering about Nephi and how he was a missionary. Nephi is an interesting missionary because he didn't actually serve a mission like some of the other Book of Mormon missionaries. His mission was with his family. 

8 ways that Nephi served a mission and 8 ways we can serve a mission in the walls of our own home:

1. Nephi studied the scriptures! In fact he traveled all the way back to Jerusalem to get the scriptures. For many of us we have the scriptures everyday in our hands on our cell phone. We we have them on our Book shelf in our rooms. We don't have to travel a far distance like Nephi did. We can be a missionary to others by studying the scriptures
2. Nephi prayed! He prayed for himself and he prayed for his family member. We can be a missionary by praying
3. Nephi was obedient! He listened to his father and respected his father. When he was asked to do something he didn't wine or complain, he did it! We can be a missionary by being obedient
4. Nephi bore testimony to his family!
5. Nephi worked. When others were tired and complaining he got up fixed his bow and went out and worked!!! When others wanted to turn back without finishing the task. He stopped them and found a way and finished the task! 
6. Nephi forgave his family members.
7. Nephi loved his family
8. Nephi wrote! he kept a journal. Now we have The Book of Mormon because Nephi wrote down the things he learned and experienced. He is now serving a mission to everyone who opens The Book of Mormon and reads his words! 

I love studying the about Nephi and his great example of missionary work! I love the Book of Mormon and all of the scriptures! I want to be a missionary like Nephi! 

Sixth thing, Love you all! Love this work! And I love the Lord, I know he lives! 

Sister Dahl 

The Art of Laundry! Sister Alona gets the award of best tagapaglaba! I have am so fascinated with washing laundry. It has become my favorite to do and watch! 

 Sister Julie Rogayan the beautiful mother of Rain! She gets the best mom award and best shirt award hahaha couldn't stop laughing at this shirt

The Gerajo children, great at modeling and even better at reading the Book of Mormon! 

August 16, 2015

Hello family and friends! 

What a beautiful day! This morning we were able to have a p-day in paradise! We visited some nearby falls. Sobrang maganda! I now understand clearly why recreational activities is included in the family proclamation! Very much needed to a happy family and happy house mates on a mission! 

This week we got to teach Brother Alex, his children and Sister Nida the 10 commandments. The Lesson went great! Me and my companion were the happiest when Sister Nida told us that she started reading the Book of Mormon. The Lord is so smart. He really laid things out perfectly so that we have to teach Brother Alex in the house of sister Nida so she has to listen to the lessons. I love teaching them! 

This week I also enjoyed reading about Elder L. Tom Perry. I really really look up to him! I can't wait to meet him someday! I love his example of enthusiasm and had work! How blessed we are to have living prophets and apostles. I know that they can't lead us astray! The Lord really loves us so much! 

Love you all and love being a missionary! 

Sister Dahl

Little Rain! It was his second birthday yesterday! love him so much!

The ablian family was so kind to give us a ride. They are such great members! their faith is so strong!

The Falls 

San Antonio Zone Sisters with the beautiful sister Dahle. We love her

August 9, 2015

Hello dearest family members and friends! 

I love you all so much! 

This week we had a mission leadership council! Wow I love counseling!! Their is so much power in counseling, I can now see why Heavenly Father decided to have a grand council in Heaven before we came here! President Dahle talked about repentance! What a beautiful gift we have to repent and improve everyday! Repentance is such a joy! We should always be evaluating ourselves and finding even those little things that need repentance! Right now we are helping one of our investigators as he tries to stop drinking coffee and cigarettes. How great it is to see him try and improve everyday!  

Loved this quote form relief society yesterday. It is directed to mothers, but it applies to everything! 
"Do you know one reason why righteous mothers love their children so much? because they sacrifice so much for them! WE LOVE WHAT WE SACRIFICE FOR AND WE SACRIFICE FOR WHAT WE LOVE!" Isn't that great! So true! 

The lord is truly so great! We are all so blessed! 

Love you all!

Sister Dahl

ps! how is our book of mormon study?? Feast in that book! It will change your life! 

Meet the Placido Family! We love them! Sister their father and husband past away 5 years ago. He used to be a branch president here, I only wish that I could have meet him, i hear so many great things about him. Sister Nida his wife is not yet baptized but is always present while we are teaching Alex our investigator in her home! She has the biggest heart! I know that she someday will be baptized as well! And these are 2 of their 3 sons! 

My talented companion cutting wood for a family so they can cook their dinner! 

exchanges with Sister Noble! 

August 2, 2015

Hello Family and Friends! 
I don't have much time to write, so I will just send what I sent to President Dahle in my weekly email.

"What another great week of work with Sister Lapena! I am really enjoying our work together. She is a very talented missionary and is teaching me a lot. We have been visiting Brother Alex and his 2 kids this week and they came to church again this week. We teach Brother Alex and his two kids at the home of some members. The members mom has not yet been baptized, but is always present at every lesson because we need to have a Sister present. It has been a great blessing because we are able to teach her at the same time. I know that this Sister will be baptized as well. Her husband past away a couple of years ago and he used to be the branch president here in San Felipe. I learned from this experience that following the rules does truly bring blessings. Because we need to have a Sister present while teaching we are also able to teach Sister Nida as well as Brother Alex! 

I have also enjoyed the experience of cleaning records and finding people that have been inactive for many years now, even if they aren't interested in us teaching them. We found a man named Anthony, Anthony had been baptized about 20 years ago and is now less active. When we started talking to him and getting to know him, he told us that he didn't like that we used The Book of Mormon and he doesn't believe in The Book of Mormon. He honestly had all of his doctrines wrong. We just listened to him and then told him that we would be happy to visit him another time. I also learned a couple of things from this conversation with this Brother. 1. It is very important as missionaries to teach them the doctrine and make sure they understand the doctrine. We must also follow all the requirements before they are baptized. 2. Taking time to ask more about him, his family, his job helped take contention from the conversation. In the end the conversation and experience was a positive one.

I am so blessed to be a missionary. This morning while us Sisters where washing our cloths we were just talking about everything that we have learned from being missionaries, we couldn't stop. I am so blessed to have such a great companion who strives to be her best, it pushed me! And I am so blessed to have The Book of Mormon, I love that book so much."

I love you all so much and love my Savior so much! I love the word Advocate! he is our advocate with the father. So if we have faith in him and follow his gospel and his example he will be happy to plead for our exaltation at the judgment bar with our father. But if we choose not to follow him and keep his commandments then the judgment bar will not be such a happy experience. I know that He lives and I know that his atonement is real. I also know that our relationship with our Savior is real. It is just as real as any other relationship or friendship that we have. Love you all so much! 

Sister Dahl

Alex and his sons. 

Rainy days! 

The greatest, the Rogayan family! Love them so much!! 

July 26, 2015

Hello to the most beautiful family and friends!

Wow! What a joy the mission is! I love being a missionary! 

This week we started to teach Brother Alex. I am so excited for Alex, Alex is a father with the two cutest little boys. Alex's wife is working in another country right now. Alex has so much questions and is so prepared by our Heavenly Father! This last week he came to church! I love when people get to come to church! I know that the feeling that people feel when they come to church is crucial for them and their conversion! I am so happy for Alex and his family and am excited to see his testimony grow!

Every Sunday we get to do a special sacrament with Nanay Rogayan! I love Nanay Rogayan so much! She and her family have changed me so much! This Sister has worked so hard her whole life serving the lord and now her body is so worn. She has arthritis and broke her hip so she isn't able to move. Everyday she lays on her little bed and stairs out her window. Her amazing son who is also the second councilor her in San felipe branch takes care of her and their little boy Rain everyday. I look up[ to him so much! He is so strong! He is truly showing is 2 year old son the right example of how to be a father and a priesthood holder! Anyways so this last week we were working in an area next to nanay rogayan. My companion had the thought to go visit nanay. When we got to their house we could hear nanay crying. We ran inside. Nanay was laying on her bed about to fall off because she needed to go to the bathroom. She was crying for help because her son had left for a couple of min. We were able to help her and comfort her. I love her so much! She reminds me of my two amazing grandmothers. How blessed I am to have such amazing grandmothers who show me great examples of hard work and love! 

Well what a blessing it is to live to learn and grow! We are truly so blessed! love you all!

Sister Dahl

nanay rogayan in the chair with rain.

the beautiful sister mancies. We get to live together! wish come true! 

gupit time (hair cut)

Art time with the mga bata!!! 

July 19, 2015

This last week we had transfer day. I have been tranfered to San Felipe! Sister Lepena is my new companion! Sister Lepena is so funny and little. I love her so much she reminds me off a cartoon character! San Felipe is by the beach and is so beautiful. We even have bikes!!! 
Here are a couple of pictures! Sorry, kind of short my letter. Love you all so much! 
oh and happy birthday to the beautiful Brooklyn Rose

With much love,

Sister Dahl