Monday, August 24, 2015

July 26, 2015

Hello to the most beautiful family and friends!

Wow! What a joy the mission is! I love being a missionary! 

This week we started to teach Brother Alex. I am so excited for Alex, Alex is a father with the two cutest little boys. Alex's wife is working in another country right now. Alex has so much questions and is so prepared by our Heavenly Father! This last week he came to church! I love when people get to come to church! I know that the feeling that people feel when they come to church is crucial for them and their conversion! I am so happy for Alex and his family and am excited to see his testimony grow!

Every Sunday we get to do a special sacrament with Nanay Rogayan! I love Nanay Rogayan so much! She and her family have changed me so much! This Sister has worked so hard her whole life serving the lord and now her body is so worn. She has arthritis and broke her hip so she isn't able to move. Everyday she lays on her little bed and stairs out her window. Her amazing son who is also the second councilor her in San felipe branch takes care of her and their little boy Rain everyday. I look up[ to him so much! He is so strong! He is truly showing is 2 year old son the right example of how to be a father and a priesthood holder! Anyways so this last week we were working in an area next to nanay rogayan. My companion had the thought to go visit nanay. When we got to their house we could hear nanay crying. We ran inside. Nanay was laying on her bed about to fall off because she needed to go to the bathroom. She was crying for help because her son had left for a couple of min. We were able to help her and comfort her. I love her so much! She reminds me of my two amazing grandmothers. How blessed I am to have such amazing grandmothers who show me great examples of hard work and love! 

Well what a blessing it is to live to learn and grow! We are truly so blessed! love you all!

Sister Dahl

nanay rogayan in the chair with rain.

the beautiful sister mancies. We get to live together! wish come true! 

gupit time (hair cut)

Art time with the mga bata!!! 

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