Sunday, May 24, 2015

May 24, 2015

So this week we got to watch Meet the Mormons, finally! Wow so inspirational! I loved every second of it! 

On Thursday we had to go to Iba for our Mission president interviews and we didn't get back to our apartment until like 6, we were pretty tired and very hungry especially sweet sister grant! But we decided to go and visit on of our investigators instead of taking time to make something to eat. It was so amazing because as we were walking down the street, this man calls out "hey come eat!" We both look at each other and of course head right over to him! I tried telling him that we had someone we needed to go visit but then he insisted that we eat first! So we did! Wow, the lord immediately blessed us! Also the food that he had was way way way better then anything that we would be able to make! 

In missionary work there is nothing sweeter then seeing the Lord guide you to people that need us! On Saturday we were doing some searching for less actives in our area and we happened to find this girl named Maryann. She was so sweet and was just waiting for the missionaries to come visit her! After we taught her me and Sister Grant were walking in rice field just talking about how blessed we were that the lord was leading us to people that needed the missionaries and then I saw this little nanay trimming her flowers and she called out to us. I thought to myself "wow another one just waiting, this is amazing" I straightened my shoulders raised my head and we walked over to her all confidently. We started talking to her and told her how beautiful her garden is and then we told her that we were missionaries and we would love to share a message with her. She immidietly put up her hand and waved us away and said no no no. I was a little shocked....We smiled and said well thanks nay for your time and walked away. She pretty much denied us and put an end to our streak. hahaha we couldn't help but laugh when we were walking away. Heavenly Father knows us so well and knows when we need comfort, help, and even when we need humbling. 

Love you all and hope you have a great week! 

Love Sister Dahl

Cleaning the school!!! so fun! We got to paint too! 

May 17, 2015

So I am just going to go through some great things that happened this week! 

1. We got to go to Olongapo for follow-up training and got some great instruction from mission president and leaders. President Dahle showed us the talk President Uchtdorf gave at the mission president seminar in 2014. He talked about the Apostle Peter. During Christ ministry peter was one of Christs closes friend. Peter promised that he would never deny Christ, but actually did at Christs trial. Peter had let fear creep in, he feared others more then God. Then after Christ was resurrected and Peter saw the resurrected Christ he became a Fearless missionary for the rest of his life! He feared nothing and no one but God!...because he had seen the resurrected Jesus Christ and he knew that Christ lives! This talk really inspired me! I can't wait to study more a bout peter! 

2. We got to go into so many new homes and visit with people and share them the message of the Gospel.

3. We got to teach this family, but because the family was busy cooking, we ended up teaching their little children while they were preparing their meal. The children melted my heart! We showed them a picture of Jesus and asked "who is this?" one responded "GOD!" the other looked at him as if he was wrong and shouted "PAPA JESUS" When we asked them what Jesus has done for them. the responded, "ibinibigay niya ang pagkain" ( he gives food) we asked what else and the others response was "guli" (vegetables). hahaha so cute!!! 

4. We got to teach one of the most amazing people that I have ever met, Ate Calen! I always look forward to our visits with ate Calen, we love her so much! She is one of the most Christ like people that I have ever met! Whenever we come out from visiting with her! I feel so happy and so excited to keep sharing the gospel! 

I have so much to be thankful for! I know that Christ lives! And I know that this is his work! Have a great week and I love you all!!!! Be Fearless like Peter! 

Sister Dahl

The Dait family! They will be sealed this week!!!

 Nanay Camat! she is the best!

Monday, May 11, 2015

May 10, 2015


Well right now I am watching my companion skype her family! She is so excited right now talking to her family and it makes me so happy! I overheard her talking about this funny thing that one time happened to us and i want to share it. So at a very intense point of a lesson I tried to tell one of our investigators that God knows her heart but in tagalog heart and cat are very similar. Heart = puso and Cat = pusa. I tend to get them mixed up a lot. I ended up saying, "Sister God knows your cat" hahahahaha she made this confused look and then I realized that I said it wrong. We all started laughing and It was really funny! 

Another great thing that happened this week, this week the Giraga family came to church!!!! This family has been in active for a very long time now, we have been trying to visit them since i arrived here in Liozon and this last week they finally started letting us into their home, Yesterday they came to church!!! It was such a miracle! I love them so much! 

The women in the picture is Nanay Merit she is the sweetest women and our Relief Society president! love her so much! 
We played volleyball this morning! These kids are always playing when we walk past them on the street! They are studs! 

Happy Mothers Day Mom and all the Mothers out there! Motherhood is the most noble calling! 

Mahal ko kayo! 

Sister Dahl

April 26, 2015

My heart is so full this week! 
We had transfers this week, so I got a new companion fresh from the beatutiful and great.....NEW ZEALAND! Sister Grant! I love her accent so much! and her! and she is so beautiful!  
On Saturday we had the baptism of Josh Gray (Bambam) he is such a stud! When I first got to Liozon our branch clerk and young men president really wanted us to teach Bambam because he had been continually coming to church for many months. We were a little skeptical to teach him because he is so young (only 12) but felt like he really has potential to be a active strong member here so we continued teaching him. As we have been able to teach bambam my love for him has grown so much as if he were my own son! I know that love that I feel for him is the same love that our Heavenly Father feels for all of us! I loved the way that Bambam prepared himself for his baptism. He wore his best, trimmed his hair, and was at the church early waiting reverently! Because the water was so low he had to be dunked 5 times before he was fully immersed. But he just kept smiling and enduring with each try. Baptism is such a great principle! We FULLY immerse ourselves to show our FULL commitment to follow our Savior Jesus Christ.  Bambam is so special! I am so excited to see his progression in the church, to someday see him serve a mission, and to be a leader here in Liozon! 
I feel so blessed to get to be here in Liozon to work with and witness the strength and faith of these pioneers as they try to strengthen and establish the Lords kingdom here. I love this work and love the Lord! I love all the many gifts that he has given to us, we are so lucky to have a such a loving Heavenly Father and I know that he lives!
Sister Dahl

HAPPY BIRthDAY Stacey!!! this is our cake for you! hahah ignore the
sweaty person holding it hahaha

Sunday, May 3, 2015

May 3, 2015

During this week I remember having this thought and saying to myself, "wow, I knew a mission would be hard, I knew a mission would be physically, mentally, and emotionally draining, but I never knew it would be this hard". At the same moment I was saying that to myself I was kneeling down to start my fast. about to willfully put myself in more struggle.

There is a promise in Mosiah 2:22&24 that always gives me strength "And behold ALL that HE requires of you is to keep HIS commandments; and HE has PROMISED you that if ye would keep HIS commandments ye should prosper in the land; and HE never doth vary from that which HE hath said; therefore, if ye do keep HIS commandments HE doth bless you and prosper you...HE doth require that ye should do as HE hath commandment you ; for which if ye do, HE doth IMMEDIATELY bless you" As I read this scripture I always ask, "who is the he?" HE is our PERFECT, UNCHANGING, AND ALL KNOWING HEAVENLY FATHER! HE knows us PERFECTLY and knows exactly what we need in order to become like him! 

I felt that promise yesterday while sitting in church and watching all of these young men and women get up and bare their testimonies in Sacrament meeting! I felt that promise as I felt the spirit work through us as missionaries to touch the hearts of those people that we were teaching yesterday, and I felt that promise as I knelt back down again to close my fast because I was able to make it through the struggle of hunger and fatigue. 

I feel so blessed, but the thing I feel the most blessed for is my Savior Jesus Christ and his Atonement! I know that through Christ I can do all things! 

Love you all and love this work! 

Sister Dahl

we love little kittens. but it doesn't like me :(