Monday, May 11, 2015

May 10, 2015


Well right now I am watching my companion skype her family! She is so excited right now talking to her family and it makes me so happy! I overheard her talking about this funny thing that one time happened to us and i want to share it. So at a very intense point of a lesson I tried to tell one of our investigators that God knows her heart but in tagalog heart and cat are very similar. Heart = puso and Cat = pusa. I tend to get them mixed up a lot. I ended up saying, "Sister God knows your cat" hahahahaha she made this confused look and then I realized that I said it wrong. We all started laughing and It was really funny! 

Another great thing that happened this week, this week the Giraga family came to church!!!! This family has been in active for a very long time now, we have been trying to visit them since i arrived here in Liozon and this last week they finally started letting us into their home, Yesterday they came to church!!! It was such a miracle! I love them so much! 

The women in the picture is Nanay Merit she is the sweetest women and our Relief Society president! love her so much! 
We played volleyball this morning! These kids are always playing when we walk past them on the street! They are studs! 

Happy Mothers Day Mom and all the Mothers out there! Motherhood is the most noble calling! 

Mahal ko kayo! 

Sister Dahl

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