Monday, August 24, 2015

August 23, 2015

Kamusta sa inyo lahat! 

First thing, prayers are answered!! One night me and my companion had gotten in from a long HOT day of work. We were so exhausted because of the heat. We prayed that night for a storm. The next morning a nice beautiful strong storm comes rolling in. It has been a whole week of heavy rains and thunders! 

Second thing, Brother Alex and his 2 kids are amazing!! There baptism will be in September! I love learning from investigators and watching their progression, it makes me so happy! 

Third thing, the wonderful Mart Mensales from Liozon Branch (my last area) received his mission call and will be serving in....SALT LAKE CITY!!!! Wow what an exciting time for the Liozon branch! I am so happy for him! 

Fourth thing, my companion is so funny. Opposites for sure in every way including height and color, but we sure make a great combination! In the Philippine culture is like "champorado and tuyo, the perfect combination"

Fith thing, I got to speak in sacrament meeting with the wonderful Sister Noble! Love her. Our talks were on missionary work. I had such great experience receiving revelation for this talk. I was reading about the great Nephi because that is were I am at in my personal study. I was pondering about Nephi and how he was a missionary. Nephi is an interesting missionary because he didn't actually serve a mission like some of the other Book of Mormon missionaries. His mission was with his family. 

8 ways that Nephi served a mission and 8 ways we can serve a mission in the walls of our own home:

1. Nephi studied the scriptures! In fact he traveled all the way back to Jerusalem to get the scriptures. For many of us we have the scriptures everyday in our hands on our cell phone. We we have them on our Book shelf in our rooms. We don't have to travel a far distance like Nephi did. We can be a missionary to others by studying the scriptures
2. Nephi prayed! He prayed for himself and he prayed for his family member. We can be a missionary by praying
3. Nephi was obedient! He listened to his father and respected his father. When he was asked to do something he didn't wine or complain, he did it! We can be a missionary by being obedient
4. Nephi bore testimony to his family!
5. Nephi worked. When others were tired and complaining he got up fixed his bow and went out and worked!!! When others wanted to turn back without finishing the task. He stopped them and found a way and finished the task! 
6. Nephi forgave his family members.
7. Nephi loved his family
8. Nephi wrote! he kept a journal. Now we have The Book of Mormon because Nephi wrote down the things he learned and experienced. He is now serving a mission to everyone who opens The Book of Mormon and reads his words! 

I love studying the about Nephi and his great example of missionary work! I love the Book of Mormon and all of the scriptures! I want to be a missionary like Nephi! 

Sixth thing, Love you all! Love this work! And I love the Lord, I know he lives! 

Sister Dahl 

The Art of Laundry! Sister Alona gets the award of best tagapaglaba! I have am so fascinated with washing laundry. It has become my favorite to do and watch! 

 Sister Julie Rogayan the beautiful mother of Rain! She gets the best mom award and best shirt award hahaha couldn't stop laughing at this shirt

The Gerajo children, great at modeling and even better at reading the Book of Mormon! 

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