Monday, November 23, 2015

November 8, 2015

What a blessing this week has been! We had transfers this last week, surprisingly me and Sister Gibbs are companions again and we are still here in beautiful San Felipe! The day that we would be getting the transfer text as me and Sister Gibbs were starting our short morning run thinking that it could possibly be our last and chatting about what we think will happen with this new transfer. I so confidently said, "at least one of us is transferring" and she replied, "well you never know.." and i so confidently said again, "I'm at least 95% sure that one of us is being transferred" I think that lord is preparing me for eternal marriage or something because this is a record breaking 3 transfers together!! With that being said, I sure do love my companion sister Gibbs and am very blessed to get to learn from her and work with her! We definitely get in a lot of laughs together! 

Another highlight of the week was that we thankfully happened to walk into one of our investigators who was supposed to get baptized this month, smoking... Of course I was disappointed to see her smoking, but I was more disappointed that she had been lying to us many times now. Of course overcoming and addiction is hard and only through the atonement and help can we overcome addictions like that. But being dishonest and lying is another story. We got to teach her a wonderful lesson about being honest! I can only think of how this lesson on honesty will be a lesson that I will need to teach with my future children... trunky ba ako...hahaha no! ;) What a blessing the mission is?!? I am learning so much! 

Sorry no pictures this week! just imagine the Philippines beautiful palm trees, dirt roads, rice fields, caribao and two white american sister missionaries walking a long the way! love you all so much! 

Sister Dahl

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