Monday, November 23, 2015

October 25, 2015

Hello hello hello!!!  

What an eventful week! I will give a quick summery! ready? 

Monday: We am alive and survived the storm. the storm actually wasn't super bad here in san felipe, but for other missionaries it was. On Sunday night 4 elders had gone to bed. One of them woke up a little while later because he saw a light. When he stood up there was water on their floor. By the time that he had woken up the other elders the water was up to their wastes. After managing to get out of their house (through the back door because the current was too strong to get out any other way). They swam to a wall and then were able to get on top of there roof before help came and got them. Their apartment was pretty much destroyed with all of their things as well. When they went back to go through their things the next day there was mud up to the ceiling and about 6 inches of mud on the ground. They shared with us their experience at out Zone conference. The lord was really looking over them! 
Tuesday: we worked, smiled and shared the beautiful message of the gospel!
Wednesday: We got to meet Elder and Sister Haynie of the Seventy and got to receive council and inspiration from them! Sister Haynie said, "Love is the secret behind everything"! I agree!! Elder Haynie also mentioned love. He said, "as missionaries you have to have the type of love that when you walk into someones home or when you talk to someone they can feel your love." I I loved listening to them, they themselves are great examples of that type of love! 
Thursday: Zone Conference! We got to listen again to Elder and Sister Haynie! And I got to share my farewell testimony...weird...
Friday: Because of the storm some of the Sisters apartments didn't have water and electricity, so we got to take them in! Fun! 8 Sisters in one house! We had a fun little slumber party! 
Saturday: We had a beautiful family home evening with the Rogayon family before Brother Rogayon leaves to work in Saudi for 2 years. :( I love that family so much! They have been inspiring me sense the day that I got here in San Felipe! Of course we finished off the family home evening with games...and a tradition here is to put lip stick on the face of anyone that loses.It was all fun and games until we go to take off the lipstick and find out that it wasn't coming off. We all stood in front of the mirror for hours that night trying everything to get off the lipstick form our faces. 
Sunday: The day of delight! My companion gave a great talk in Sacrament meeting! Go sister Gibbs! 

What a blessing it is to be a missionary and to have so many great experiences! Love you all so much! 

Sister Dahl


Working by candle light! my companion has cool glasses and I want to be like her so I wear my fake ones
Our FHE!
Dinner with the sisters that stayed with us

2 cute little boys

a store on wheels! It comes by our house every morning! 

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