Sunday, October 18, 2015

October 11, 2015

WOW wasn't conference amazing?!?!?! How blessed are we?!?! My heart is so full and happy that it wants to burst!! What a fantastic life!! Our Heavenly Father is so loving!! We have his living words flowing through living Prophets and Apostles! How blessed we are!!!

We got to watch conference with the members here in San Felipe, it was one of the most memorable moments of my mission, and one of the most memorable moments of my life. The Spirit that was felt in that hot little chapel was indescribable. I was also happy to know that I was not the only person that felt the spirit. After we watched Conference we went and visited Nanay Aurrora. Sister Aurrora is so faithful she walks miles just to come to church every Sunday. She is not yet baptized because she is trying to overcome a smoking addiction. She wants so badly to be baptized, so sometimes she will tell us she has stopped smoking even though deep down me and my companion are able to discern that she isn't being honest with us. The spirit touched her heart while watching that general conference that when we went and visited her and asked her how her smoking is, she stopped trying to hide her sin from us but came out and said. "I want to be honest with you sisters, I am still sometimes smoke. I want to badly to stop, but it is so hard." The spirit she felt from listening from our living prophet and apostles had changed her. She had not more desire to hide her sin, but to be honest with us and seek his help. We had such a great lesson with Sister Aurrora. Our trust and love for her grew so much, just like Elder Renlund described, I could see Sister Aurrora through the eyes of her parents, not her mortal parents but, through the eyes of her Father in Heaven. I love Sister Aurrora so much. How thankful I am for the blessings of the Spirit! 

I realized something while watching and listening to conference, I realized it while listening to the closing talk by Elder Bednar. These men of God, Prophets and apostles love each other. They love each other so much! They are truly Brothers. They are different and so unique and come from so many different backgrounds. But they are all "harmonized by their witness and testimony of their Savior, Jesus Christ" They Love their Savior, they serve their savior, and they represent their Savior through their discipleship. Oh how I desire that same love that the possess.  

I know that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is the Lords Kingdom here on the Earth. I know that we are guided by living Prophets and Apostles called by our Lord. I know that our Father in Heaven and Jesus Chirst live! They apeared to young Joseph. I know that Joseph Smith is a prophet of God who was called to restore The gospel of Jesus Christ here on the earth. How blessed we are for the goodness of his life. I love the Book of Mormon, I know it is true! I know all of these things through the power of the Holy Ghost! The sweet spirit has testified to me over and over again throughout my mission how true these things are! How blessed am I and how blessed are we! 

Love all of you so much and wish each of you a wonderful happy week, filled with the spirit! 

Sister Dahl

My Ponderizing scripture for this month is short but great! 1 Nephi 2:15 "And my father dwelt in a tent". It amazes me to think about all that Lehi left by command of the lord. Not only did he leave his beautiful home and things, He left it all and lived in a tent. May we all have a spirit of gratitude and love for the many basic things that we have in our lives. What can we do to follow lehi's exmaple of living in a tent? example. Maybe instead of sending a sweet text message to a loved one (obviously a lot faster and simpler) we can pull out the old paper and pencil and envelope and write them a real, crisp, beautiful Letter! What thing can we in a way down grade in our lives to upgrade our spiritual sensitivity and closeness to the Savior. For me, I am not going to use washing machine and wash my cloths by hand... hahaha joke I already do that every day and don't have a washing machine even if I wanted to!! Love you all so much  and Always remember Lehi dwelt in a tent!

And some photos!
The Rogayan family! The are such strong and Faithful members here in San Felipe! I look up to their example so much! Take note of there wonderful ride to conference!! Isn't that cute! 

Emmanuel (italian) Hazel and Hillary! So cute!

Of course I had to try the bike as well during the conference break! 

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