Sunday, October 18, 2015

October 4, 2015

Hello Family and Friends!

Yay another General Conference is here! I am so excited to watch it this weekend! How exciting we have 3 new Apostles!! Me and my companion have been counting down to conference and are so excited it is finally here! 

I forgot to mention brother Emanuel and Sister Hazel in my last email! Me and my last companion Sister Lepena met Emanuel last transfer. He is a foreigner so he stook out. We went over to go talk to him because I thought that maybe he was from america. But it turns out that he is actually italian and living here in the Philippines with his wife and baby girl. We told him that we would love come by and visit with him and his wife. He didn't really except our request and nothing really happened. However we kept on running into him while walking and working throughout the day. And then one random day he texted us and told us that him and his wife would like us to come to their house and share with them. It was definitely and interesting lesson because it was all in english. We both have been teaching in tagalog for so long, so it was an interesting lesson. We committed them to pray about Joseph Smith and they said they would. The next time when we returned I didn't expect them to have actually prayed about Joseph Smith because most people don't (I know lack of faith on my part). During the lesson he stopped us and said, "I believe he is a prophet, I prayed" Me and my companion both looked at each other and said, "you did? and how was that" He went on to describe how the holy ghost testified to him that he is truly a prophet. WOW! Lesson learned always follow-up on their prayer!! Him and Hazel have now came to church for 2 weeks in a row! YAY!!!! It is so great to see the change that immediately takes place in people when they begin to learn the gospel, I can see it in Emanuel and Hazel even after only teaching them for 2 weeks! 

Thanks for your support and love always! Love you all so much and love being a missionary! 

Sister Dahl

We finally got a picture next to the beach even though it was a cloudy day.

The Ice cream man! Love this little tatay so much! My day is always brightened when I hear his bell and see his umbrella coming down the street!

President Dela cruz and his cute wife!! Such a great branch president here in San Felipe

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