Monday, September 28, 2015

September 27, 2015

Happy birthday to by wonderful brother Mitchell and happy rebirth to Brother Alex and his son Christian Dela Torre! 

My heart is so full! I try not to have favorites, but I think that this baptism was very fulfilling and one of my favorites! This father and son were very prepared and ready to be baptized. We started teaching them about 3 months ago and they have been faithfully attending the full 3 hours of church ever since we started teaching them. They are studying and marking up their Book of Mormons and coming to our lessons prepared with questions from their readings. I love hearing Alex describe the change that he sees in himself as he learns and follows the gospel. He used to drink, smoke and get easily angry at his 2 boys, but now he doesn't! He can even notice a difference in the way he is a father to his children! He is learning to become more like our Savior.

The work with Sister Gibbs is going very well! We have been seeing a lot of progression and improvements and receiving much revelation in our work. Yesterday we were on our way to an appointment with a less active when a Sister that we had a taught a couple of days ago called out to us. After our lesson with her a couple of days ago she had told her husband, who went blind, about us and he wanted to meet us. She took us to her home and we got to meet him and their beautiful kids and share a beautiful message with them about the gospel. The spirit was so strong during that lesson, sister had tears in her eyes as brother accepted an invitation to be baptized!

I love going into the homes of so many different families getting to know them and sharing with them the message of the restored gospel of Jesus Christ! There truly is no other work as satisfying and fulfilling as missionary work. When we met this man who was blind, shook his hand, sat down with him and talked with him I couldn't help but think about the life and stories of Christ. I wanted to do what Christ had done to the sick afflicted and blind, heal them! I know that our message of his gospel heals and strengthens, I have seen it over and over throughout my mission. How blessed I am to get to walk the steps that our Savoir walked and strive to represent him by healing and lifting others and sharing with them his glorious gospel!

Love you all so much and love this work so much! 

Sister Dahl

Our nice wheels! 

Alex, Christian and Ezekiel Dela Torre at their baptism!

more pics!!

This dog is really smart! me and my companion almost feel on the road laughing so hard at this dog! hahaha this is only one of the 20 photos we took. 

 My favorite little stud! Ezekiel!!

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