Monday, September 28, 2015

September 13, 2015

Hello to the most amazing people in the world!

San Felipe is still as beautiful as ever and my companion is still as fast as ever! I am having trouble keeping up with her on our morning runs, it is great! This week we had many happy and successful Family Home Evenings! Family Home Evening is were it is at!! 

We also got a new housemate named Sister Sloan, she is a ball of energy and so much fun! She also has my favorite accent of all, the New Zealand accent! 

Alex is progressing greatly! And will be getting baptized her in 2 weeks!! He is really loving the Book of Mormon! Our lessons are so fun with him because he has so many questions from his readings. 

This is a picture of Sister Aurrora who will also be getting baptized in October! She walks for about 2 hours to get herself to church every week even with crooked legs. 

Love you all so much and love missionary work even more! Be a missionary to everyone around you! 

Sister Dahl

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