Saturday, August 2, 2014

August 2, 2014

Well well well! We got our travel plans and we leave this Thursday morning! The MTC is amazing, but I can't wait to go to the jungle of the Philippines with all the spiders and no toilet paper! haha but really I'm so excited! I'm pretty sure I only know like 10 words in tagalog but I think I will survive!  This week our teachers have been telling us tons of stories and showing us tons of pictures, it gets me so excited! Yesterday we had in field orientation which was a nice change in the schedule!

I love my companion, she is seriously such an amazing person. Everyone always says get used to being with someone 24/7 because it is an adjustment, the littlest dumbest things will start to bother you. Thankfully that has never happened with us...hahaha joke! But we are so open with each other and talk about everything so its the best. She has this habit of always saying "ready" "ready" "ready" except for in tagalog its "handa" "handa" "handa" sometimes I will count how many times she says it throughout the day, the numbers are pretty high. I don't think it had anything to do with me being slow...haha joke. Sometimes I would even purposely go slow just to make her wait hahaha. I finally got the courage to tell her how much it bothers that she says "handa" all the time even though she is never ready herself, and she was like "I really say it that much"? We laughed and made fun of each other and now it is our favorite joke! Anyways! Sister Hamblin is seriously the best it is going to be so hard saying goodbye to here on thursday because we aren't on the same flight. Goodbyes are hard, but because of the gospel goodbyes never have to be goodbyes, its always see you later!

So everyday is so much work and so exhausting, the thing that gets me through everything are my personal study time, prayer, and my companion. Getting to talk to Heavenly Father through the prayer and listening to him through the scriptures is such a blessing. It is so comforting to know that I always have someone to turn to and that is my Heavenly Father. 

This week me and Sister Hamblin were feeling kind of stressed with the language and feeling pressure to be perfect at the language and perfect missionaries. We took a break from everything and took a walk (around the mtc campus) and talked about how we were feeling, how we can better balance our day (balance is huge), and then our strengths and focusing on our strengths and what we do know rather then what we don't know. We came to the conclusion that if we are always focusing on what we aren't then we wont be able to be what we are! Then we started talking about Christ and how through him we don't have to be everything, we just have to try and trust in him. When me and Sister Hamblin were talking I couldn't help but imagine myself talking to Christ instead of Sister Hamblin. Heavenly Father has given us people to help us and be there for us like Christ would.We need to talk to them, listen to them, share our fears and concerns with them. Christ works through each of us like my bishop said, "we are all Christs hands"! One of my favorite teachers sister mcClatchy told us one time that representative translated in tagolog literally means body. As missionaries we are the body of Christ. 

Mahal Kita! 

Sister Dahl

Next week this time ill be in the islands! wooooohoooooo!!!!!! 

This baby looks like Nichole when she was a baby hahaha so cute!!! Im in love

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