Sunday, October 12, 2014

October 12, 2014

Yay today is the 13th!!!! :) always a good day on the 13th! Once again I feel like my heart is going to burst with happiness! If someone would have given me a taste of this happiness I am feeling right now i would have been on a mission the second they made the age change! 

One of the talks in conference talked about being off by a few degrees. I realized that if I had not made the decision to come on a mission then I would have been off by just a few degrees in my life and would be headed down a road that was not in line with the blessings in my patriarchal blessing. I feel so blessed to be a missionary and to have this opportunity to grow and learn. I am also so grateful for this gospel. What I blessing it is to have a living prophet today who will not and can not lead us astray! I love president Thomas S. Monson, his councilors and the apostles. What a blessing it truly is to have a Prophet. When we teach we always say "because got loves us and he has given us a prophet to lead and guide us and teach us the gospel of Jesus Christ" Prophets are gift from our Heavenly Father! 

Ahh I love this gospel so much! And feel so blessed to have knowledge of this gospel. So after conference we went out and worked, many people weren't around because there is a fiesta happening here in Orani right now so they are all there. I was asking myself "why are so many people uninterested to hear our message when it is so happy" right at that moment the cutest old man 77 years old named Chris waved us down and said "hey come here, i want to hear your message. I am about to die soon and I want to know what I need to do before I meet God". :) :) :) :) I couldn't stop smiling!!!!!!!!!! he was so cute! "I told him we have the perfect message for him because it is Gods message! I can't wait to teach that man! 

Lastly one of my favorite quotes from conference was by Dallin H. Oaks "kindness is power!" What a true statement! I love love love this work and everyday I tell Heavenly Father how thankful I am to be here in the Philippines with so many of his beautiful children! 

I know that Christ lives and what sweet comfort that is!

mahal mahal ko kayo

Sister Dahl

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