Wednesday, December 2, 2015

August 24 2014

I dont have much time this week. But i had a really crazy experience while meeting with a family. The dad was kind of giving us a hard time well at least i think he was I couldn't really tell what he was saying but I felt so bad for my companion because she had to talk to him with out much help from me. At the end I testified to the family how I knew the gospel was true. It is either true or it isn't and the only way they would find out was by praying, reading the book of mormon and going to church. As I was testifying I could feel the spirit so strongly that I started to shake the family was silent after that and the dad to. I is an amazing feeling to feel the spirit work through me and touch others. The spirit is amazing. 

The Roberto Family got baptized this week! Yay!! They are the sweetest!

Sister Panal and me hahahaha! David and Goliath she says! I love her she is my little mamma

It is so beautiful here!

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