Thursday, December 3, 2015

November 9, 2014

Me and Sister Mencias are so happy because we are working so hard and the Lord is really giving us blessing for working so hard. We are talking to everyone we meet searching, working and trying to find those people that the Lord has prepared to receive the Gospel. Everyday I am learning that this is really his work and he is really directing us to those people who are prepared to hear the gospel, even though we may have to teach and talk to 100 people to find that 1, its so worth it!
We have this investigator named Donalyne. She is 12 years old and cousins to one of our recent converts. We were never really focusing on her because we don't really want to focus young, but she keeps coming to activities and church so we are like okay lets work on her. We went and visited her yesterday and she wasn't there, but he older sister was and she said that Dona keeps talking about church and keeps asking her dad to go to church. Ahh i love her so much! The Lord really does work in mysterious ways, i am so excited to teach their family!
The Philippines really is such a great place to be because everyone Loves Christ and is so Christian.Every home we go into always has some picture of Christ, even though they may have dirt floors and bamboo walls, they still have a picture of Christ and Believe in him. I learn so much from these people everyday! I know the Church is true and is living. I know we have a loving Heavenly Father who's work and glory is us, his children. I know Christ lives.
Sister Dahl
Tatay Chris and Conrad hahaha we love them! 

Nanay of one of our investigators. ahh love her! haha so cute

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