Sunday, December 6, 2015

January 4, 2015

Happy New Year Everybody!
What a great time, a brand new year! I have decided that being a missionary is such during a new year is such a blessing because so many people are setting new goals and working towards becoming better. This week has been such an amazing week! There have been so many little miracles throughout this week. The first Miracle would be Brother Bong Unis. Hahah that is not actually his name, that’s what we heard when I first ran into him therefore that’s why we couldn’t find his house. So Me and Sister Mencias saw Bong one night sitting by himself reading his bible and we talked to him and asked if we could visit him. We thought he said his name was Bong Unis…so we couldn’t find him and were so sad. Then the other night me and Sister Garrett both decided to change plans and go visit a member while we were walking to her house we passed by Bong, I couldn’t believe I could recognize him, because it was dark and I could hardly see his face. We passed by him and the spirit was like “Sister Dahl that’s Bong” I turned around and said his name, he stopped and we started talking and told him we couldn’t find him. He told us his real name not his nickname. The next night we went and visited his family and taught them a lesson. I love this family so much, they are the sweetest people. He even came to church yesterday with his Book of Mormon in hand.  Ahh I can’t wait to continue teaching him. I know that Heavenly Father really wants them to get baptized, I can just feel his love for Brother Bong and his family!
Then Tatay Ramos came to church!!!!! Tatay Ramos hasn’t been to church in many many years. Everytime we go over there me and Sister Garrett just laugh our heads off because him and nanay are so snarky and sarcastic and rude to each other, the funniest couple. She really wants him to come to church but she kind of goes about it in the wrong way and always nags at him. We just sit there and laugh and joke with them. But anyways yesterday Tatay came to church!!!!!!!!! And of course Nanay gets up there and announces it to everyone haha. They are so funny!

Love love love love this work!!! There really is no greater joy then being an instrument in bringing back Heavnely Fathers children to him, and healing relationships, and bringing families together! Heavenly Father is the BEST!

Sister Dahl 

Tatay and nanay Ramos! 

happy new year. its loud in the philippines! 
 nice artwork

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