Thursday, December 3, 2015

November 16, 2014

kamusta family and friends! 

First, I love love love love just about everthing here on the mission! I say just about because, I don't really like the 24 mice that we have caught in our apartment. Grrrr I get so mad at those things and especially their poop in my drawer, but then when It comes to actually killing them after catching them I feel so bad for them even though I hate them. It's a love hate relationship.  

I love my companion. I love my books (especially The Book of Mormon, this book really is the most best book on the planet, I just got done reading Alma 17 when ammon chops off the arms. Everytime I finish Book of Mormon study I am like wow this is really like all the movies in the theaters, very dramatic, I love it. I can't wait to meet those many people in the Book of Mormon like Ammon, Alma.... all of them), I love the food here, I love the people, I love the million of kids that climb all over me and grab my hair haha their so cute, I love Apollo ward members and the learders they do so much to help build the church here. I love feeling the Holy Ghost testify truth to my soul.  Most of all I love my Savior Jesus Christ! I I know he lives and I know he will come again in all his Glory and Iook forward to that day! But for right now while he is not here I want to do everything I can to prepare the way for him to come again! 

So anyways, this week we had the baptism of Brother Chrisanto Bento! Chrisanto Bento is very shy but has a very funny personality underneath all that shyness. I am so excited to see how he continues to grow as his conversion deepens in the Gospel! We have so many wonderful investigators I love them so much! 

Love you all, keep reading the Book of Mormon it is the best! I love it

mahal ko kayo! kita kitz :)

Sister Dahl

the crowd of kids that I collect walking down the streets haha love them

Baptism of chrisanto

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