Monday, December 7, 2015

February 8, 2015

Family and Friends 

Thanks everyone for all your emails, letters, love and prayers! What a great week! Love working with Sister Pati-on she is a "goer" so it is fun! 

This week I will finish the Book of Mormon for the fist time on my mission. Yes i am a slow reader, I am trying to go slow through it to get a better understanding. I love that book so much! Earlier this week we taught an investigator who had so much knowledge, he knew everything about all other churches and had been so many places in the world and in the worlds eyes knows alot and is successful. When we asked him if he had was able to read the Book of Mormon he said no not yet, and continued to say, "but I have read all the other books of other chruches", my heart sunk for him. As my companion testified about the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon the spirit was so strong. I know that like Nephi says in the last chapter of 2 Nephi, that the Book of Mormon will be in the hand of the prophets at the judgment bar and they will ask us what we did with that book. It doesn't matter what amount of knowledge we obtain in this life, if we haven't obtained a witness of The Book of Mormon. 

This week our new investigator Sister Comedia and her two kids were able to come to church. I am so excited for her and her family, hopefully next week we can get her husband there too. 

I liked something that one of the missionaries here said earlier this week. "being on a mission has really taught me how simple the gospel is. God gives us commandments so that we can become like him and be blessed. When we don't follow or live those commandments we don't recieve his blessings." It is that simple. Being a missionary and getting to help and observe the lives of others has really testified to me that commandments are give from our loving Father in Heaven because he knows what it takes to become like him. 

Love the mission, and love you all!

Sister Dahl 

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