Sunday, December 6, 2015

January 14, 2015

Dear President and Sister Dahle,
My daughter, sister Dahl's grandmother passed away yesterday (Mon) morning at about 7:15 am MST. I was by her side to feel her last pulse and see her last breath before she was re-united with family on the other side of the veil.  I just wanted to let you know that sister Dahl had a special tender relationship with her grandmother.  She was a wonderful wife, mother and grandmother.  She was a great example to Sister Kimberly Dahl, I would say she is the most charitable person I have ever known, serving others, her family, friends and others through her many church callings.  She served 6 full time missions and many stake missions.  She served a full time mission in her 20's and then five more with my father, two missions were in the Philippians, one mission in Winnipeg Canada, one in the church Vault in the canyon and one at the genealogy center in SLC.  Her life was a example of service to others, never focusing on herself but others.  My sweet Kimberly reminds me a lot of my mother.  We have been greatly blessed by sister Dahl's service to the Filipino people and to her Heavenly Father and her Savior Jesus Christ.  We told her in her email on Sunday night that Grandma wasn't doing well.  Please feel free to comfort her during this difficult time.  I'm sure her attitude will be to work even harder to make her grandmother proud of the service she is doing.  Thanks for watching over all the missionaries in the Olongapo vineyard.  Our prayers are with our dear sister Dahl and all the missionaries.  
With Love,
Brother Kevin & Sister Pamela Dahl

Dear Brother and Sister Dahl,
Thank you for your email. You mother’s life was truly extraordinary. I called Sister Dahl to let her know, offer comfort, and forwarded your email to her via text message. Sister Dahl is an excellent missionary and is doing very well.  She has all the promise of becoming one of our best. She is obedient, faithful, hard-working, cheerful, and all of the other things you hope a missionary will be.  You surely have done an excellent job raising her, and we and the mission are very blessed to have her here.

Warmest regards,

President Dennis V. Dahle
Philippines Olongapo Mission

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